Officers & Staff

Business Manager/
Financial Secretary


U.A. Organizer


Training Coordinator

William"Bill" Wright   Richard img   Jeffery img

William "Bill" Wright

  • Business Manager/Financial Secretary since January 2016.

Richard M. Johnson

  • U.A. Organizer since 2009
  • Member of Local Union 150 since July 1978
  • Currently serving on the Fitters Examining Board
  • Served on Executive Board Green Awareness Certification/ Med Gas Training/ U.A. Certified Welder
  • Contact Richard by
    Phone: (706 )722-1262

Jeffery G. Rice

  • Journeyman/Apprentice Training Coordinator since 1999
  • Member of Local Union 150 since September 1981
  • Journeyman Pipefitter
  • Trustee on Health & Welfare, Pension since 2004
  • Graduate of 5 year Instructor Training Program
  • Graduate of Coordinator Training Program
  • Contact Jeff Rice by
    Phone: (706) 722-7704

President:   John Lewis Robertson

Vice President:   Duvard Lumpkin

Recording Secretary:  Beverly Anderson

Executive Board
Duvard Lumpkin - Chairman
Michael Adams
Brian Christy
Timmy Doyle
Tony O'Tyson

Finance Committee:   Inside Guard:   Plumbers Examining Board:
Tim Hamilton
Charles Hardigree .
Sam Rowland
  Lee Fulmer
  Matthew Savage
Henry Mayson
Patrick “Vee” Smith, V
Fitters Examining Board:   Journeyman/Apprentice Training Committee:
Michael Bryant
Buford Fulmer
Donavon Widener
Bill Wright
Christopher "Heath" James
Richard Johnson
Rory LaFontaine
Richard Hutchins
Hiring Hall Committee:   Benevolent Committee:   Special Insurance Committee:
Joe Ellis
Duvard Lumpkin
Christopher H. James
Lee Fulmer
  J.B. Beasley Sr.
Andy Chapman
Frank Vaughn
Tim Hamilton
By Laws Committee:   Budget Committee:   Federation of Trades:
Duvard Lumpkin - Chairman
Christopher "Heath" James
Timmy Doyle
Jonathan Stoner
Tony O'Tyson


  James McWatty
Henry Mayson
Moses Todd
Trustees: (Health / Welfare / Pension)    
Jeff Rice
William "Bill" Wright
Duvard Lumpkin

Rory LaFontaine
Richard Hutchins



Office Manager


Administrative Assistant

  Administrative Assistant J.A.T.C.
Tracey img   Diana img    

Tracey Dohn

Serving Local Union 150
since February 2009


Diana Brazell

Serving Local Union 150
since April 2003


Tamra Parrish

Serving Local Union 150
since July 2015