Local 150 ~ Instructors

Any Journeyman interested in becoming a Local 150 instructor,
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Jeffery Rice Apprentice Coordinator
Lee Fulmer Heritage; Related Math, Use & Care of tools, Rigging 420,
N.C.C.C.O Signal Person Certification,
E.P.R.I. Rigging Certification, CPR Cerfitied
Doug Lumpkin Related Math & Formulas, Heritage, Rigging 420,
N.C.C.C.O. Signal Person Certification, E.P.R.I. Rigging Certification,
Valve Maintenance, Related Science, Plan Interpretation
Justin VanderZouwen Related Mathematics, Use Care Tools,
Valves & Fittings and Heritage, Template Layout
Tim Hamilton Instrumentation Tech I & II, HVAC, Science, Electricity and Heritage
Daniel Nichols Welding Instructor, Authorized Testing Representative, Orbital Welding, CWI
John Canady Related Math, Use & Care of Tools, Trigonometry,
Valve Maintenance, Advanced Valve & OSHA 10/30
Henry Mayson Plumbing Code, Backflow, Medical Gas
Bill Wright, CWI Welding; Orbital Welding, Gold Track VI, Authorized Testing Representative
Steven Bradley, CWI Welding, Authorized Testing Representative, Orbital Welding
Jeremy James, CWI Welding, Authorized Testing Representative
Dustin Heitz Welding, Orbital Welding
Christopher James, CWI Welding and Orbital Welding, Authorized Testing Representative
Owen Brown Plumbing, Medical Gas & Back Flow
Corey Collins 420 Rigging
Brian Suggs Related Math, UCofT, Rigging, Valve Maintenance, Advanced Valve & E.P.R.I.
Lewis Robertson Foreman Training, Tubing Bending, Advanced Pipe Fitting
Doug Baker Plumbing & Back Flow, Medical Gas
Willie Helms Welding, Orbital Welding, CWI
Quinn Bennett Advanced Pipe Fitting and Blueprint Reading Plan Interpretation
Instrumentation Level I & Level II, Administrator
Taylor Favreau Advanced Pipefitting, Instrumentation I & II, First Year Related Math, Heritage
James Cliett Welding, Orbital Welding, CWI